Block Printing and Fabric Care

General Fabric Washing Instructions
AVENIR uses premium fabrics for all garments that are hand sources in Montreal.  We recommend to wash your garment in warm or cool water on a gentle cycle.  To keep your garments looking their best for as long as possible we suggest to either hang or lay flat your garments to dry.  

Block Printing

Each linoleum relief stamp is designed and hand carved by AVENIR.  Due to the fact that each garment is individually hand stamped to order and requires time to cure,  it takes  approximately 1 - 2 weeks from the order date before the items are shipped out.  All the inks we use are all colorfast and set so garments can be machine washed.   

Block Printing Washing Instructions: It is recommended 
that you wash your garment on a gentle cycle inside out, in cool or cold water, and either hang or lay flat to dry.  
It is not recommended to put your garments in the dryer in order to keep your prints looking its absolute best for as long as possible.  

Due to the hand crafted nature of our garments, there might be slight irregularities in the tie dye, motifs and colours, which are a result of the human involvement in our process.  All photographs are for display purposes and are made to represent our original products to the best of our abilities.   Your order received may have marginal color/shading variations and/or the positioning of the artwork may be slightly different from that as displayed in the picture.